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ASW - Integrated Business Solutions

ASW is designed to fulfil the requirements of worldwide business to business trading, especially in the fields of industrial equipment and components, and consumer durables via distributors.
This fully web-enabled software covers collaborative sales and procurement, order fulfilment, supply chain management, demand-driven manufacturing, inventory control, warehousing and after-sales service. Integrated tools for business analysis and financials help our customers maximise profits and focus on critical success factors. Fast and efficient implementation enables our customers to reap a fast return on investment.
ASW process-orientation and workflow efficiency mirror business processes in the different parts of your company. ASW is designed to enable your staff to be self-sufficient, in order to get their work done in the most efficient way and shortest time possible.
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InfoManager - Business Intelligence Solutions

Just having the data isn't enough, you need useful information. When business users are armed with timely, easy-to-use information, they can make informed decisions quickly. The ability to analyze large volumes of corporate data and share it easily within the company can accelerate your growth and improve performance across the board. InfoManager provides a powerful, fast and cost-effective solution to get at the information you need.
InfoManager, the Fastest Growing Business Intelligence Solution for the IBM eServer iSeries, offers three major solutions and a number of templates for different industries.
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